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Politics Now in English

Polish students at the Capitol – more than 50 people have already completed in ternships with us congressmen

Responsible for proofreading and translation: Paweł “Paul” Ruszczak Since 2016, Polish students have an opportunity to go to the US and the United Kingdom, where they undergo internships in the… Czytaj dalej »Polish students at the Capitol – more than 50 people have already completed in ternships with us congressmen

The Generations conflict

The problem of ageing politicians has become a much more important issue in recent years than it used to be before. All of the above are the most prominent, and well-known political leaders of the United States. However, in recent years, people have started to realise that age may be an obstacle to leading the nation.

A Totally Different Kind of Cyclone is About to Hit Central Europe

The cautionary tale of Poland is a reminder of the urgent need to foster inclusive governance and transparency, not just in Europe but worldwide. The fate of democracy in Central Europe hangs in the balance, with consequences that will ripple far beyond its borders for years to come. In the face of this gathering storm, we must summon the courage to defend democratic values through meaningful dialogue and decisive action. Failure to do so could enable the irreversible unraveling of the democratic foundations we often take for granted.

Ecotourism Boom Raises Concerns of “Greenwashing” Vacations. How Do We Make Our Eco-Escape More Eco-Friendly?

Eco-tourism is booming as travelers increasingly seek environmentally-friendly vacations to exotic locales. However, these nature getaways spark hard questions. How can adventurers mindfully minimize ecological footprints? What transportation, lodging and dining truly shrink impact? How to offset inevitable emissions from reaching remote unspoiled corners? In this article, we spotlight key strategies and exemplary businesses furthering sustainable values amid this eco-travel surge.

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